Safeway Store #2797            

Olney, MD               2010


NFA provided structural engineering design and detailed drawings for 55,500 square foot structure over a 54,500 square foot cast-in-place partial underground parking area combined with a rear loading dock and receiving space. The site grade was utilized so that access to the upper level was through the front of the building, and the lower level was accessed from the side and rear.  NFA formed flat slabs for the elevated upper level floors. The building will have canopy elements on four sides of the building, multiple elevators from the lower parking level to the upper level, and a series of both interior and exterior egress stairs. Other project elements include foundations, upper level concrete beam/slab framing, structural steel roof framing, and general concrete and steel framing.  NFA reviewed the shop drawing submittals for structural related items and compliance with all applicable code requirements. Additionally, NFA did the structural design of their pedestrian bridge.

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